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If several months of touring the UK with Americas (Manchester Orchestra & Taking Back Sunday) and the UK’s (Young Guns) rock elite was not enough, THE XCERTS can now confirm a plethora of incredibly exciting news. The band’s frontman (Murray Macleod) will be heading to New York (where the band’s album ’Scatterbrain’ was recorded) next week to perform three showcase at CMJ including a special Xtra Mile Recordings label night at the Bowery Poetry Club where he will be joined by fellow label mates StringerBessant and Sophie Madeleine.

Upon Murray’s return to the UK The Xcerts will be joining the stellar line-up at this year’s Relentless Freeze Festival on Friday 28th October alongside The Streets and Pulled Apart by Horses before heading onto perform a special intimate FREE show at the Old Blue Last for the launch of their ‘Slackerpop’ EP on 21st November.

The Xcerts will see the year out with the release of a deluxe version of their second album ‘Scatterbrain’ in UK and Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland on 18th November and the rest of the world on 21st November). The release will also be followed by the band’s second European tour of the year in support of label mate and folk punk hero Frank Turner. Dates below.

The band will see the New Year in with a long-awaited headline tour of the UK in January 2012. Make sure you get your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

CMJ SHOWCASES – Murray Macleod from THE XCERTS
Tues Oct 18th – Bowery Poetry Club – Stage Time 12 midnight
Wednesday Oct 19th – Acheron – Falling Apart. A Property of Zack Showcase – Stage Time 8pm
Thursday Oct 20th – Alphabet Lounge – Stage Time 7.45

Friday 28th Oct – Freeze Festival, London

Monday 21st Nov – Old Blue Last, London – 18+ – Free entry

Tue 15th – NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam Melkweg
Wed 16th – GERMANY, Hannover Bei Chez Heinz
Thur 17th – GERMANY, Muenster Sputnikhalle
Tue 29th – GERMANY, Cologne, Live Music Hall
Wed 30th- GERMANY, Stuttgart Wagenhallen
Thur 1st – GERMANY, Munich Backstage Halle
Fri 2nd – GERMANY, Berlin Postbahnhof
Sun 4th – GERMANY, Hamburg Fabrik
Mon 5th – GERMANY, Rostock Mau Club
Wed 7th – FRANCE, Paris Divan Du Monde
Thur 8th – SWITZERLAND, Luzern Schuur
Wed 14th – POLAND, Warsaw Powiekszenie
Fri 16th – ITALY, Ravenna, Bronson
Sat 17th – SWITZERLAND, Zurich Abart
Sun 18th – AUSTRIA, Vienna WUK
Mon 19th – AUSTRIA, Graz PPC
Tue 20th – GERMANY, Heidelberg Karlstorbahnhof

Tues 17th – Brighton Haunt
Thurs 19th -Bath Moles
Fri 20th – Preston 53 Degrees
Sat 21st – Aberdeen Drummonds
Sun 22nd – Glasgow King Tuts


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