It’s all bewildering, it’s all a dream.

December 23, 2011 | 12 Comments

So here we are at the end of another year,

When on tour and people tell me “you’ve had quite the year”, i always nod and smile politely but i never have a clue what they are talking about. Being in a band and experiencing things you never thought possible means you live in the now. You never think about what has been. Looking back is very much like putting together the pieces of a mystery. You remember vaguely that you did something of great significance yet you can’t quite put your finger on it due to you about to walk on-stage and play a show in Berlin to 900 people.  It’s all bewildering, it’s all a dream.

We released ‘Scatterbrain’ at the tale end of last year and we have been on the road pretty much constantly in support of it. We started the year off on the ‘Rocksound Exposure’ tour and ended the year supporting Frank Turner throughout Europe for a month and a half. We have experienced things i never thought possible and we would like to say thankyou to each any every single person that believes in our band and has continued to support us throughout this year. We are forever grateful and you mean the world to us.

We are all back home and exceedingly excited to spend the festive period with loved ones. Next year is looking exciting already with a headline tour in January, a small run of dates with I Am The Avalanche in Europe and then the Brand New tour. You will also hear new material next year, that’s a promise.

Be safe everyone and have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.


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